The history and past decades left to the city of Venice many and some world-famous events. The Carnival, popular in the XVII century was re-invented in the 70’ among citizens as a true local event. Since then it became very popular, especially to foreigners.
Another popular local event is the Vogalonga. A non-competitive rowing race thought Venice and the lagoon attracting many rowers, photographer and visitors from all over the world for this unique event.  A classical Summer event is the Redentore. Famous the fireworks on the third Saturday of July featuring, on the waters right in front of St. Mark’s square, hundreds of local boats that gather to spend the evening together dining and dancing on board their local boats before and after the show. This event is probably the most popular among Venetian citizens. During summer all villages scattered around the islands have their own local fest commemorating an important religious past event. Local fresh seafood, pasta, local wines, relax and dance are the main characteristics of these local feasts, once in a lifetime experiences. All these islands are reachable by boat only. Our cruiser is the right solution for a genuine Venetian Summer evening.

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Wine, as everyone knows, is a big issue in Italy.
Tasting a good wine combined with selected local food, often cheese and salami, is on of the most delicious and tasty life experience. Behind each wine and food there is a lot of history dating back decades or even centuries. The region, in the area of Treviso and Verona, offers so many opportunities to visit family-owned small wineries, cheese prosciutto producers directly from their lands, so each product has a different taste.

Venice in this case is even more unique as wineries get a salty taste being surrounded by water. Local food culture was, and still is, more oriented, for logical reasons, to seafood and vegetables. A good glass of cool white wine with some baccalà (creamy stock fish), corn bread with local shrimps and vegetables can definitely deliver a true Venetian culinary experience.


We all know the undisputed beauty and romance of Venice, as a magical city floating over the water, although this medieval city is built over 188 submerged islands, all connected by about 400 bridges crossing 170 canals. The city is totally surrounded by water, called the Lagoon of Venice. Scattered around the lagoon there are several islands, some of them populated, some others kept as monasteries, some others abandoned. To generally identify the lagoon, we divide it in northern and southern lagoon. The northern lagoon is definitely more populated with the most famous islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello and natural fishing valleys with different birds and fishes.
The southern lagoon is an open space from Venice to Chioggia surrounded by the long strip on Pellestrina island on the east side and the main land on the west side.
Our vintage Bora cruiser is the ideal boat, comfortable and safe, to fully enjoy the sun and the cool lagoon breeze, cruising around to testimony the natural beauty, historical and cultural sites of our beloved city.


Be amazed by the history and art of Venice!
Relive the great power of the Serenissima Republic through its monuments, squares and narrow streets. Just look up while walking and find some unusual, unknown and fascinating objects, being either an ancient marble column, a statue, a bas-relief. Not to forget the contemporary art of La Biennale at the Giardini and Arsenale exhibitions, Punta della Dogana and the Guggenheim Collection. All other events and exhibitions related to local and Italian artist, such as Tintoretto and Leonardo da Vinci.

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