IsolaLeVignole is the new location in the Venice Lagoon, dedicated to events and tastings of native wines produced on the island.
The project stems from the initiative of a group of Venetians with the aim of giving new life to a place that has long been unused, placing at the center of its work respect for the territory, its cultural identity and its specific biodiversity.
The structure provides spaces used for private and corporate events, offering an authentic and genuine environment in close contact with nature and the Venetian tradition. An integral part of the project are an organic vegetable garden and an autochthonous vineyard, where wines for guided tastings will be produced.
IsolaLeVignole is a unique opportunity to live an experience in the picturesque setting of the Venice Lagoon, away from the usual tourist routes and immersed in the essence of Venice.

Discover the Venetian lagoon: Murano glass, IsolaLeVignole vineyards, wine tasting. An unforgettable exploration of Venice's hidden gems.
4 hours
Explore Venetian lagoon: IsolaLeVignole's vineyards, unique island & Friuli's Collio wines, guided tasting, return to Venice by boat.
2 hours
Savor IsolaLeVignole sunset: short boat ride, vineyard tour, wine tasting against stunning lagoon backdrop.
2 hours
Take a boat to IsolaLeVignole for a vineyard tour, wine tasting and lunch. Then, visit a Murano glassblowing factory.
4 hours 30 minutes
Explore Venetian vineyards on IsolaLeVignole, tasting unique salty-imbued wine, followed by a visit to a Murano glass blowing factory.
4 hours
Venice's lagoon vineyard tour: taste Dorona wines, savor organic appetizers, end with a scenic cruise, blending history, culture and beauty.
2 hours 30 minutes
IsolaLeVignole: Unforgettable blend of territory, organic farming, culinary delights, and scenic beauty - a must for Venice travelers!
2 hours

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